The term User Experience (UX) stands for the feelings, emotions and thoughts someone can have when interacting with his/her environment (a space, a product or a service). It consists of different stages such as information intake, moving around in the space, product selection, human interaction, unboxing, consumption, post consumption evaluation etc).

Even though quite often the term refers to use of technology products, such as computers, applications, webpages etc, it’s not limited only to these! User Experience “occurs” everywhere and constantly, no matter if it’s designed or not!

In User Experience Design (UXD) everything is designed, not only the product! Every aspect of the experience, such as the lighting and the scent of the shop, the colors and the sounds, the way the product is presented and consumed, how it is carried around and how it is unboxed and generally everything is consciously designed and with a purpose in mind! In this “mission” Sensory Design can be a critical player creating feelings, emotions and thoughts by stimulating all five senses.

γλυκό σε λευκό πιάτο
γκυκό σε πιάτο με μοτίβο
Even though the dessert-product it’s the same, the plate’s colour plays a critical role in the user’s perspective and expectation creating a richer or poorer overall experience.